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What´s the average age of participants?

25-35 y.o. But we welcomed people from 18 to 60 already, so you tell us how old one should be to participate in a longboard camp ;)

I never skated / surfed / did yoga / went alone on holidays / your variant, can I come?

"When you get a chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance, I hope you dance" It´s all about your attitude - we took care about the rest. All our experiences are beginner and super-beginner friendly.

What is the language of instruction?

English. We also speak Portuguese, Russian and French.

What airport will I be flying to?

Lisbon Airport

How do I get to Santa Cruz?

Group Transfer Most guests choose to take a transfer. Once everyone bought their flights, we try to group them by hour of arrival/departure so you can share the costs of the transfer from/to the airport. For example. Guest one arrives at 3 pm, Guest two arrives at 4 pm, and Guest 3 at 5 pm, so we will organize a transfer for 5:30 pm. The usual cost varies between 10 - 20 eur/person one way, depending on the number of people joining. Here are the prices for the transfers to/from Lisbon Airport: 1 - 3 persons 60€ 4 - 8 Persons 80€ Usually, we decide on transfers 1-2 days before the start of the camp, when we know travel times of all the partipants. Public Transport There is a steady bus connection between Lisbon and Praia de Santa Cruz. The trip from the airport - metro + bus + bus - takes about 2-2,5h and costs approx 10 eur/way. 1) From the airport, take a metro to Campo Grande station (yellow/green line) and come to the bus terminal there. 2) Catch a bus to Torres Vedras but buy a ticket directly to Povoa de Penafirme (the best option) or Praia de Santa Cruz. Keep this ticket all the way. 3) Once in Torres Vedras, catch a bus from line 3 to Santa Cruz. Some buses go to Povoa de Penafirme, others only until Santa Cruz. The former version is better but both work great. 4) Once in a bus, call or send a message to me to pick you up and bring to the camp The last bus from Torres Vedras to Sta Cruz on Sunday leaves at 21:30. The last bus from Lisbon to Torres Vedras leaves at 00:30. From Torres Vedras you can order a transfer, which will cost you 10 eur. So in case you arrive late and don't want to pay a full transfer (60 eur), you can come to Torres Vedras by bus and then we pick you up from there.

What time should I arrive/leave not to miss any activities of the camp?

We don´t run any activities on the arrival and departure dates as people are traveling from across the world and arrive/depart at diffrent hours and we don´t want them to miss on anything. However, when buying your flights, we recommend not to arrive late (after 7 - 8 pm) and not to depart too early (before 9-10 am) if you would like to use the group transfer service. It is still possible to use the group transfer of course but you can be less likely to have other guests to share the transfer with you if you arrive late/depart early.

What is the longboard level of participants?

Our focus is on first-timers and beginners - the camp is the best place to start and progress. We also have intermediate and advanced longboarders joining but less frequently.

Are flights included in the package?


Is transfer to Sta Cruz included in the package?


Can I get my deposit refunded in case of cancellation from my side?

No, deposits are non-refundable. However, If we manage to sell your spot, we give you a voucher equal to 50% of your deposit amount. You can use it for any camp for one year. You can also give it to someone else.

Do I need to bring my longboard / Is equipment provided?

You don't need to bring your longboard unless you want to. We provide high-quality equipment for the lessons and that you can use during all the camp for free. It is included in your package.

How much money to take with me?

Praia de Santa Cruz isn’t in a touristic area, so you can have a coffee for 1 eur still and a light breakfast for 2,5-3 euro. Eating out would be around 15-20 eur per person. On the first day, we will take you to a supermarket to do your groceries and you can cook your meals in the camp. Hence, you will be spending what you normally spend back home or even less, if you come from countries like Germany, US, Holland, France etc. We’d also recommend you taking some extra money to buy longboard gear because in the camp you can enjoy exclusive discounts from ParisTruck, Skate Blood Orange and Bastl boards.

How to book my spot?

Simply send us a request, pay the deposit and voila! Please, note that due to a high demand, we don’t lock spots without deposits.