"I would just like to say something for those may be letting something hold them back from joining the Longboard Camp in Santa Cruz: “DON’T let anything stop you from enjoying an amazing week!” 



I am 39 years old and I was probably the oldest one in my camp. Who cared? Absolutely nobody. I don’t even think we talked about age. Honestly, age does not matter when you’re together with a group of people who share the same interest as you: progressing on a longboard, having a good time and enjoying the amazing Portuguese sun and coast! 


Are you scared of going alone? Trust me, you won’t feel alone for long. I on my own and left with a bunch of new friends! Again, in the camp I participated, only two other girls already knew each other previously. Most of us went there alone, meaning we were all open to the new and amazing people we were going to meet, spend time with and create a new connection. 


Even better. You will start from scratch, before you've had the time to acquire any “bad” or “inappropriate” habits. I had very little experience and saw people who had none at all progress even quicker than I did. That is what these camps are made for - teaching you, making people experience how fun and motivating longboarding is. And if everyone else is better than you? Just watch them all cheer and encourage you every-baby-step-of-the-way. It’s magic! 


“Oh, darling, but what if you manage to complete a 180 step?”. Falling is part of learning. Me too, I was super scared. I still am, ever since I had to glue my chin after hitting the face on the floor once. (If only I had decided to start learning at a camp instead of by myself ; ). At the camp, they make sure you are protected and they’ll never push you to do things that will make you hit your head or face. Oh, watch out for the steps on the terrace of the Surfcamp 360, I did fall there and I think that was the only “accident” we had that week.  


If anything inside you says you’d love to participate, if you get butterflies on your stomach when you watch their amazing videos and see their beautiful pictures on instagram, you should definitely not let anything hold you back. You know those smiles you see on them? The next one could be yours! "



I came to the camp with no expectations at all and with many doubts:

How will be the people?

How will be the lessons?

How will be the food?

Will I manage to stand on a surfboard?

And after just the first afternoon I knew it was gonna be an unforgettable experience. Valeriya is a super nice and charming person who does a great job organizing this camp and making sure everyone is having the time of their life. Andrea & Rui just make you feel at home. They are lovely people. The camp facilities are perfect and the food is indescribably good. The instructors (Giu & Ophelia in my case) are not only amazing longboard riders and instructors but also very communicative, easy-going, nice and lovely. They teach really good and in a very dynamic way so it is always funny and rewarding.


And what to say about the people who shared this experience with me… We made such a nice group, got along really well and there was positive energy the whole time. Everyone was different and awesome. We had such a great time before the lessons, during the lessons and after the lessons.

I want to thank all of them for giving me one of the best trips in my life and I am counting the days to do it again next year!



I went to the camp with no expectation about anything really... I wanted to have a good time and meet cool people which are also interested to learn how to dance on a longboard. When I arrived I could do some steps but didn’t really know how or what I actually have to do... I was able to push and break... but that’s mostly it.


In the camp we had two instructors – one was more for the dancing (Axel) and the other one for tricks (Jeff) after the first day we split the big group of all of us into two groups with similar experience :)

We all learned a lot within this one week, some got comfortable on the board, I think most peeps could do a pirouette in the end and the teachers are always (still) helpful if there are any questions! 

I don’t even want to talk about the food. Andreia the best angel woman in Portugal- sorry Val.... made breakfast and dinner.... I only say: when you think dinner is over it’s just the starters! 😂😍 The food was amazing!


The days are packed with exciting activities 💕 so you should definitely bring a lot of motivation and a good mood. 


I came alone and made friends for a lifetime I think. I am glad I came and I would do it over and over again 💕🥰


Thank you and I send lots of love!

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