the founder


Hey, my name is Valeriya.


Originally Russian, I left my country for Finland at the age of 18. Since then, a few life-defining moments took place and discovering longboarding is one of them. I first tried it on the Nordic land, and it felt just...fine. But then I came across a video of DoYoung performing longboard DANCING. The spark was lit.


Unfortunately, I didn’t find anyone practicing such thing in Kuopio, so the sessions always had just two participants: me and my second-hand pintail. That’s why when moving to Portugal, I was thrilled: for sure there is a longboard dancing community in Lisbon, just like in Paris, or Barcelona! Ironically, there was none. I shared my disappointment with Johny (my bf), and his answer was: “If there is no community, why don’t you create it yourself”?


My first reaction was: Who am I to? Not a professional athlete, nor a local. But the desire to find a company to skate and introduce people to longboard dancing was bigger than my fear and doubts. For the first time in my life, I took the initiative and stepped towards changing something I wanted to see different.


This is how “Longboarding Days and Nights” was born. Here, I aim to share my passion, reveal the beauty of longboard dancing and build a stronger community. I also hope that this little beginning can inspire someone to make a step towards their dream, however bizarre it seems.


Timing is never perfect. Skills are never enough. But with the help of other people and a bit of courage, just anything is possible.


Let’s make it happen together,

With love,