the longboard course

A structured and fun program to learn longboard dancing & freestyle at your own pace, wherever you are and with out support.  
Suited for people of all ages and natural balance skills

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what will you learn in this course?

  • holy basics: stance, pushing, braking, and turning

  • exercises for building further confidence on a longboard

  • sidewinders

  • basic dance steps: 180 step, Peterpan, Cross step. 360 step

  • introduction to freestyle

  • how to build a longboard community

  • how to choose a longboard for dancing & freestyle

  • how to mount or dismount a board

what´s inside:

  • 2 instructors

  • 50 high-quality videos

  • access for 1 year

  • monthly group call

  • super detailed Tech Talk + Exclusive discounts on gear

  • access to our Online Longboard Community


The course consists of two modules: M1 ´From first-timer to confident rider´ and M2 ´Turning your longboard into a dancefloor´. Depending on where you are on your longboard journey, you can choose purchasing both modules or just one.

meet your instructors


Valeriya Gogunskaya

Projet sans titre 5.tiff

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