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Guide To The Longboard Camp

Here you will find answers and an overview to most of your questions about

The Longboard Camp.

Should you have any doubts though, just reach out via email:

We know that for many, going to a skate camp as an adult is a big adventure filled with tons of excitement and.. many doubts. These doubts vary from existential to practical:

Will I fit in? Am I too old for this? What is a day in a camp like?
What kind of housing do they offer? Can I participate without any prior experience?
How do I get to.. btw, where exactly is this camp located?!
Ah right, it’s Santa Cruz in Portugal, not in California, etc.

It is our sixth season, and we feel like standard FAQ has not been offering to you sufficient information prior to booking and planning your trip to our Longboard Camp. Therefore, we decided to create The Ultimate Guide To The Longboard Camp, where you will find  detailed answers to the most common questions.


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