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Guide To The Longboard Camp
In Santa Cruz

Here you will find detailed answers to the most common question. 

As our guide is pretty long, for easier navigation simply press ctrl+f and type in the key words of your request in a search box. Or you can use hashtags listed below.

What is the Longboard Camp?

The Longboard Camp is a unique tailored program created for anyone who would like to learn longboarding, regardless of their age and level. With fourteen hours of guided lessons by some of the world’s best riders and top-quality equipment, you will build a solid base and learn your first tricks or take your existing skills to the whole new level. All this in a magical corner of Portugal.

Besides skating, the program includes delicious meals, trekking, surfing, and yoga.



Santa Cruz (google: Praia de Santa Cruz, Torres Vedras) is a small town overlooking the miles-long coast of the Atlantic. Located 50 km to the north of Lisbon, this enchanting corner still remains hidden from mass tourism. What does this mean? A coffee under €1. Enough place for your beach towel. Surfing without a crowd of 100 people. A chance to meet locals in a natural habitat and listen to the melody of the Portuguese language.

How to get to Praia de Santa Cruz?

There are several options to get to Praia de Santa Cruz, including a group transfer organized by a surfcamp, public transport, and uber/taxi.


Trip duration: 1 hour
Average price per person: 15 - 25, depending on the number of people.

Most guests choose to take a group transfer as it’s the best price/convenience option. How does it work? Once every guest bought their flights, we group them by the hour of arrival/departure so they can share the costs of the transfer from/to the airport.


For example, Guest-1 arrives at 3 pm, Guest-2 arrives at 4 pm, and Guest-3 at 5 pm, so we will schedule the transfer for 5:30 pm.

The usual cost varies between 15 - 25 per person one way but depends on the number of people who join the transfer, so we can never tell you exactly in advance.


If your flight arrives/leaves at the time hours apart from everyone else, you may need to pay for a private transfer/take an uber. Imagine, you have a very early flight at 6 a.m. and need to leave from the surfcamp at 3 a.m. As this is not the most common departure time, the odds are you will be the only one leaving at this hour and thus will have to get a private transfer or an uber.

Prices for the transfers to/from Lisbon Airport:
1 person €60
2 - 3 persons €80

4 - 8 persons €100

Usually, we decide on transfers 1-2 days before the start of the camp, when we know the travel schedules of all the participants. Please, do not ask us about the exact time of group schedules 1-2 weeks in advance, we simply do not know them because many participants buy their tickets at the last moment.


Trip duration: 2 - 3 h, depending on the metro and bus schedules

Price per person: €12 - 17, depending on the option

There is a steady bus connection between Lisbon and Praia de Santa Cruz, which consists of metro + bus + bus.


1) From the airport, take a metro to Campo Grande station (yellow/green line) and come to the bus terminal there.
2) Catch a bus to Torres Vedras but buy a ticket directly to Povoa de Penafirme (the best option) or Praia de Santa Cruz. Keep this ticket all the way.
3) Once in Torres Vedras, catch a bus from line 3 to Santa Cruz. Some buses go to Povoa de Penafirme, others only to Santa Cruz. The former version is better but both work great.
4) Once on a bus, call or send a message to me to pick you up and bring to the camp.

The last bus from Torres Vedras to Sta Cruz on Sunday leaves at 21:30.

The last bus from Lisbon to Torres Vedras leaves at 00:30. From Torres Vedras you can order a transfer from a surfcamp, which will cost you €10.

So in case you arrive late and don’t want to pay a private transfer (€60) or uber (€45), you can come to Torres Vedras by bus and then we pick you up from there.


Trip duration: 1 hour
Price Uber - €45 - 60
Price Private Transfer - €60


Rua João Paulo II, n.o 47 Póvoa de Além 2560-046 A-dos-Cunhados Portugal


What are the good arriving / departure hours for my flights?

We recommend arriving no later than 18:00 - 19:00 and departing no earlier than 10:00 - 11:00 to join the group transfers or to have the possibility to use public transport. These are the best options on average but it varies from camp to camp, so there are no exact best hours as such. However, if you'd like to increase chances joining a group transfer, just make sure your arrival/departure time is within regular working hours.

Yet, if you save up a lot by leaving the camp at 7:00 instead of 11:00, then just go for it. You can look at the exact transfer prices in the “How to get to Santa Cruz” chapter and see what works better for you.

We do not have any activities scheduled on arrival and departure dates so you can arrive/leave at any convenient time for you without missing out on anything.

Check in & check out. When should I arrive in / leave the camp not to miss any activities

The arrival and departure dates are the dates of the camp respectively. For example, if the camp dates are Sept 5 - 12, it means that check in is on September 5th and check out is on September 12th.

We do not have any activities scheduled on arrival and departure dates so you can arrive/leave at any convenient time for you without missing out on anything.

The official check in hour is at 16:00 and check out at 12:00. However, it’s possible to arrive earlier or depart later, leave your bags and enjoy beautiful Santa Cruz.



We will stay at the family-owned Surfcamp 360, which is far more than just a lovely house. It is a place where genuine hospitality and human warmth find their way through every detail.

The house with charming views of the valley boasts a fruit garden, an on-site bar and an open terrace for chillaxing gatherings. There is also a fully-equipped kitchen, where you can prepare your meals.

We are totally in love with this place because here you get an authentic, living a la Portuguese feeling without compromising on conveniences, like a hot shower and free Wi-Fi.


After running 20+ longboard camps in Surfcamp 360 since 2018, we know for sure what the best hosts are like.


There are 4 rooms in the Surfcamp 360: three twins and one 6-person dorm. It is possible to add an extra bed in one of the twin rooms, and a bunk bed in another one, making it a great option for those travelling with a group of friends or a family.

It’s possible to choose between separate beds and joint beds configuration in twin rooms, just simply let us know in advance what you would like.

Twin rooms are always same-sex when booked by people who don’t know each other, while a 6-person dorm is mixed.


Due to high demand and a limited number of beds in the camp, we don’t normally offer a private room option but it may be possible upon request. It costs 50% more of the total package price.


None of the rooms has a private bathroom. The main house has two bathrooms with two showers in each, and the adjacent part has three toilets and four showers.



Surfcamp 360 is located 3-3,5 km away from the center of Santa Cruz and our skate spot, therefore we will have daily transfers organized to bring our guests to the longboard lessons, to the beach, or to the center.


Our package


  • The program of the camp as written on the website (varies from week to week)

  • ALL equipment for all the activities (longboard, surf, yoga)

  • Towels

  • Beach towels (*only 5-6 available, so it’s

    better to bring yours)

  • Hair dryer

  • Tea & Coffee all day

  • Wi-Fi

  • Basic insurance during surf and skate


  • Transfers to/from skate spots

  • Covid kit

  • Breakfasts and dinners


• Flight tickets
• Transfers to/from the airport

• Travel insurance
• Lunch


Usually, our program includes 2 surf lessons and then we schedule one more extra surf lesson for those who are especially hungry for the waves. Sometimes it is possible to have the fourth lesson as well, but it depends on surf conditions and weather plus the schedule of the longboard lessons. From our experience, more than three surf lessons make you very tired to follow our longboard program, which can be pretty intense.


If your focus is surfing, we would recommend to book an actual surfcamp as in our Longboard Camp program, the focus is on skating and surfing is rather a cool complementary activity.


The price for an extra surf lesson is €45 per person. It includes all the equipment, transfer, and insurance.

Is equipment included? Do I need to bring my own longboard? I don’t have a longboard can I come?

You don’t need to bring your longboard unless you want to. We provide high-quality equipment for the lessons and that you can use throughout your stay for free.

Grocery shopping

On the next day after your arrival, we will take you to a big supermarket, where you can get groceries for your lunches. There are also two mini markets in Santa Cruz, local fresh market, and a nearby village with all the essentials.

How much money should I take with me?

Praia de Santa Cruz isn’t in a tourist area, so you can have a coffee for under €1 still and a light breakfast for €2,5-3 and light lunch €7-8. Eating out in a restaurant would be around €15-20 per person.


On the first day, we will take you to a supermarket to do your groceries so you can prepare your lunches in the camp. Hence, you will be spending what you normally spend back home or even less, if you come from countries like Germany, US, Holland, France etc. We’d also recommend you taking some extra money to buy longboard gear because in the camp you can enjoy exclusive discounts from Paris Truck, Skate Blood Orange, and Bastl Boards.


Can I buy longboard gear during the camp?

Depending on the stock, it's possible to purchase gear from our Partners, such as Paris Truck, Skate Blood Orange, and Bastl Boards in the camp with a special discount that brands give to our guests.

What is the average age of the participants?

25-35 y.o. But we welcomed people from 18 to 60 y.o. already, so you are the one who decides what’s “too old”. :)

Here you can read about experience of our former participants of completely different ages, skills, etc.

Can I join with my kid / with minors?

Unfortunately, we can't accommodate minors in our camps in Santa Cruz. For organizational reasons, the minimum age for participating in the Classic camp is 18 years.


However, minors can stay with you in our Skate, Yoga & Spa camp in Feel Viana. Note that they still will not be able to participate in the longboarding activities. Please contact us for details.

What level should I have to participate?

We have mostly first-timers and beginners as well as intermediate riders. The Longboard Camp is the best place to start and progress.


How do I book?

Simply fill in the BOOKING FORM on our website, and we will send you payment details for the deposit, that’s it, super easy!

How do I pay?

After receiving your request, we will send you the payment details for the deposit. You can pay it via a bank transfer or PayPal. The due amount is paid upon arrival in cash, by credit card or via PayPal.

Can I cancel my trip and get a refund?

No, deposits are non-refundable. However, if we manage to sell your spot, we will issue you a voucher equal to 50% of your deposit amount. You can use it for any camp during one year. You can also give it to someone else.

What happens if I can't come to the camp because of Covid-19?

In case you are not being able to attend the camp because of COVID-19 related issues (cancelled flights, closed borders, sickness), we will issue you a voucher worth the total amount of your deposit and valid until December 31, 2023 to join any longboard camp in Santa Cruz, Portugal or use the services of Surfcamp 360. It will be necessary to provide a document proving that your travel isn’t possible because of COVID-19 related issues to get the voucher (flight cancellation email, medical certificate etc).


Cancellations for any personal reason turn your deposit into non-refundable, either cash or voucher.

For example, not being able to come because of the job resuming or new projects coming up after Covid-19 quietness is not considered as a legitimate reason for a voucher.

Also, if at the moment of booking there are existing restrictions for travelling to Portugal from your country, it means that you are aware that you will have to self-isolate/do a test upon return and it cannot be used as a reason for cancellation later, unless the rules become stricter or countries close borders.

Example: if you are currently in country X that has Portugal in a red list - you can travel but have to self-isolate for 2 weeks after - and you choose to proceed with the booking, this exact situation can not be used as a reason to cancel the trip and get a voucher later on.

Can I book separate accommodation and only join longboard lessons / activities?

Due to the fact that our camps are always fully booked, we don’t divide our packages. The only rare exceptions are when we have last-minute cancellations and can offer a special deal.

Can I skip surf classes / choose only breakfasts / join several days later / leave earlier?

Due to the fact that our camps are always fully booked, we don’t divide / adjust / modify our packages. Therefore, it is up to you whether you would like to skip some activities, arrive later or depart earlier, yet it won’t affect the price of the package.

Are discounts accumulable?

It’s possible to combine any of the two discounts available.


For example, if you are a Portuguese citizen AND a returning guest, then you can enjoy 5%+5%=10% OFF.

If you join us as an independent rider, the only discount that applies is 30% OFF.

Will Valeriya be present during the camp?

Valeriya tries to be as present as possible throughout the camp week, but she isn’t around 100% of the time due to a big volume of organization work. Yet, someone from our crew, be it Valeriya, instructors, or team Surfcamp 360, will be always available for you.

Do you need volunteers / employees?

We don’t usually work with volunteers but should there be a vacancy, we will announce it on our channels. As for working with us, we do not have any open positions at this moment.


Packing list

Some essentials we recommend taking with you:


comfortable shoes for skating
(flat sole like vans, NO airmax, platforms, running shoes)

comfortable clothes for skating

comfortable clothes for other activities

warm clothes because it can get cold and windy, especially in the evening (a hoodie, a jacket, a beanie)

water bottle

sun protection (it ́s possible to buy it in the camp as well)



flip flops

beach towel

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