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The Longboard Intensive in one of the most skater-friendly cities on the Mediterranean.


This edition offers the perfect mix of a skate-heavy camp and a city getaway in a city where you can have it all. Impeccable skate spots, sea, vibrant urban culture, amazing food and incredible weather - Valencia, Spain.


This is a perfect week to step up your skate game on all levels, feed yourself with new impressions and bring the summer a little bit faster!

It’s possible to bring partners and kids who are not joining the skate program. 


What's included:

7 nights / 8 days of accommodation

All breakfasts

2 dinners

Daily movement class

6 longboard lessons

2 guided free skate sessions

2 video analysis sessions

Tech Q&A

Individual clip

1 city experience

Goodie bag from our sponsors

All high-quality equipment

All transfers to/from the activities

What is NOT included

Flights, transfers from/to the airport, insurance

per person / 14 spots only
To book your spot we req
uire deposit €490 (non-refundable)

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“You can learn on your own, but it's a gift to have someone else observe your flow, to have the wealth of knowledge shared between skaters experienced and new, and most of all to be fully received and welcomed by the longboard community“

Amiie, Canada


Valencia is a must-visit with epic skate spots, vibrant local culture, and a quintessential Mediterranean lifestyle. As one of Spain's oldest cities, it seamlessly blends rich history with trendy vibes, offering enchanting urban architecture and developing areas. Whether you're there for a long weekend or more, the diverse architecture, always sunny weather, and the chance to try traditional paella make it an irresistible destination that beautifully captures the essence of both its rich past and modern allure.

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Malcom & Barrett Hotel Valencia is a prime stay, combining luxury with convenience in Valencia. Stylish rooms with private bathrooms and big beds, modern amenities, and an on-site restaurant offer a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Located strategically for easy access to key attractions, the hotel ensures a memorable stay with top-notch hospitality.

It’s possible to bring partners and kids who are not joining the skate program. 



Longboard dancing & freestyle is our main focus with 6 guided lessons (2,5h each), 2 guided free skating sessions (1,5h each), 2 video analysis, and tech Q&A. Plus, unlimited free skating. Basically, you can skate as much as your feet can carry you.

Movement & Stretching

Our instructors will be offering 60-minute practices daily, that will help you prepare and improve your performance, (also) on your board. The purpose of these sessions during the week is to support you in the main camp’s activities, so you can gain more balance, mobility and flexibility.

Both your body and your mind will thank you.


Video analysis & Tech Q&A

Over the course of the week, we will hold two sessions of in-depth video analysis with our instructors. During these sessions, they will help each participant identify their mistakes and provide personalized guidance on how to improve.


Additionally, the instructors will be available to answer any technical questions you may have.

Community & Hangouts

Free time to hang out,

Discover the hipest districts or disappear in The scenic old town,

Or go for dinner together,

Chill in parks,

Like a big family on a very special vacation :)

Image by Tim Wehrmann


What level should I have to participate?

The entry level for this week is confident cruising as we won’t be covering the basics of longboarding such as stance, pushing, braking and carving in this program. The basic knowledge of longboard dancing steps and tricks is welcome but is not necessary to join.


Excited to join us?


Thanks for submitting!

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